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You simply have to visit certain places in order to be sure that they really exist. It’s always nice to hear stories about them because the stories can definitely convey at least a bit of the atmosphere there. However, for those really special places that make one wonder whether they accidentally went through a magic door and found themselves in a fairy tale, stories simply aren’t enough. One of such places is the Balkan Mountains or, to be more precise – the Mountain Lodge Shoom in the Old Mountain (Stara Planina) Serbia.

Just like the Old Mountain is something more than just a mountain, the Shoom Mountain Lodge is something more than ordinary accommodation. The mountain range that spreads to the east of Serbia has a perfect aura of a place which still hasn’t been completely tamed and which will hardly ever become just another commercial tourist centre. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no safe havens which offer light and warmth during the long, cold, winter nights in the mountain – the Shoom Mountain Lodge was created with exactly this purpose in mind. Far enough from civilization to be perfect for escaping the city hustle and bustle, yet close enough to all the conveniences that are expected of a mountain with a high capacity for winter sports – the Shoom Mountain Lodge offers perfect accommodation in the Balkan Mountains range.

What is it that makes people forget all their worries after just one hour spent on the mountain, in the lodge? For a start, it’s the dazzling whiteness of the snow in winter, or wonderful flower fields during the rest of the year. As it is often pointed out, the Old Mountain has the tourist potential that hasn’t been fully tapped yet, which makes it particularly attractive. Right next to the lodge flows a river whose song can rid you of muscle knots in the back, make you relax and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the landscape. The mountain air is clean, firm mountain is under your feet, the vast, deep, immense sky is above your head…

There are 6 apartments, each apartment has bedrooms and a living room, as well as a bathroom with underfloor heating, which is a source of joy for tired feet that spent countless hours skiing. For socialising and sharing stories from the piste, the Shoom Mountain Lodge has a large, separate lounge, where guests can feel perfectly warm and cosy while it’s snowing outside. So, if you want to visit places that inspire, relax and stay in your memory, the Old Mountain Serbia will give you that inspiration and a sense of wonder at the splendour of nature, while the Shoom Mountain Lodge will take care of the relaxation and creating fond memories.

The Shoom Mountain Lodge is only 5 km away from the Konjarnik ski run; 10 km from Jabučko Ravnište, the Falkensteiner Stara Planina Hotel and the first stop of the gondola lift.

Mapa skijalista Stara planina

Stara Planina Ski Map with the location of mountain lodge Shoom