The Balkan Mountains

The Balkan Mountains are called the “Old Mountain” in Serbian – and they are old, as the name says. Older than countries, older than peoples, older than memory. In the east of Serbia, where they spread, they form the most beautiful natural border with Bulgaria. People say the Old Mountain starts somewhere near Knjaževac and spreads southward, all the way down to Pirot, and further. In its magnificence, with a large territory that it covers, it is the most massive mountain in eastern Serbia. And it is exactly this vast expanse that gives it the charm that can’t be found so easily in Serbia, because the Old Mountain still has its well-kept secrets that are waiting for a real adventurer, skier, mountaineer or holidaymaker to reveal them.

For more than half a year, the Old Mountain is adorned with flowers. Its meadows, pastures, forests and streams are home to a large number of animal species. That’s why visitors who decide to experience the magic of unspoilt nature can sometimes see even wild horses running proudly under the vast sky that spreads over this natural reserve. The rest of the year – five months when there are no flowers and nature goes into hibernation – the Old Mountain spends covered with a white blanket.

That is the time when most people come to enjoy its charms, because skiing on the Old Mountain is a special experience. If there’s one peak that should be singled out for its beauty and the excitement it offers, then it’s certainly Babin zub.

Babin zub, which stands at 1,758 m above sea level, is a natural reserve, and the nearby ski centre (which bears the same name) is a highlight when it comes to ski deals. Everyone can find something for themselves there, regardless of their skiing skills. While trying to master skiing, the youngest and the least experienced will enjoy the comfort and safety of the ski kindergarten located at Markova livada. Those who already have some basic skills will be able to improve them. Experienced skiers can enjoy night skiing, while extreme sports fans have their own piste for freestyle skiing. Among Konjarnik, Sunčana dolina, Markove livade and Jabučko ravnište, Babin zub is more than able to receive all those who want to experience the thrill of skiing in the Balkan Mountains. Of course, for your convenience, there are ski lifts, gondolas and chairlifts if you want to descend the slopes again. Actually, most people who experience the natural beauty and fairytale-like landscapes of the Balkan Mountains wish to descend those slopes again and again.

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