Dobrodošli na Staru Planinu

Nedaleko od Knjaževca nalazi se Stara planina, najveća planina u istočnoj Srbiji. Visokoplaninski masiv prostire se kao prirodna granica prema Bugarskoj fascinantne lepote i netaknute prirode...

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Planinski Dom Šum – Dobrodošli

Na putu do Babing zuba, kraj Crnovrške reke, sa pogledom na planinske vence – nalazi se Planinski dom Šum. U snegu zimi, u cveću svih ostalih meseci – naš dom je i vaše sklonište od gradske vreve...

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Bar Lounge Shoom

For hanging out, drinking and dinning or watching a movie there is a Shumski bar close to the lodge where guests can relax. Lounge bar where you can enjoy the great tunes from the rare vinyls, have drinks at the bar and socialise with other guests, use free WiFi, play table tennis, or just relax by the fireplace.

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Midzor 2169

Old Mountain is like the name says, old. Older than states, older than nations, older than we can remember. On the east of Serbia the mountain is the most beautiful natural border with Bulgaria. It begins around Zajecar, from there spreads all the way to the Black Sea. It is the biggest mountain on the eastern part of Serbia, some parts are still unexplored waiting for a real adventurist, skier, border or hiker to found them. More than half a year, Old Mountain is covered in flowers. Fields, forests and rivers are home for numerous species of animals and plants. That’s why the visitors who decide to visit this mountain will have fortune to experience untouched nature, sometimes you can run into the wild horses that run prideful under the open sky of this park of nature. The rest of the year around five months when there are no flowers, nature goes to sleep and the Old Mountain gets covered in snow.

Accommodation in a wooden idyll

In the Mountain Lodge Shoom there are 6 apartments. All of the apartments have sleeping rooms and living room, also bathroom with floor heating which will make happy your tired feet after hours and hours of skiing or hiking. For hanging out, drinking and dinning or watching a movie there is a huge living room at the bottom floor of the lodge where guests can relax by the fireplace. From the Old mountain or Stara planina as we say it you will get lots of inspirations in front of magnificent nature and for the great vacation and memories Mountain Lodge Shoom will take care of it.